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Rimfire X Match

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

A chance for Shane and Kimberly to compete together. We traveled to a private field in Virgil, South Dakota to compete in a NRL22X match, called the Rooster Rush.

The match director had a mostly positional match. Where we shot off big spools, a wood Christmas tree ladder, a race car frame and more. This rimfire match was filled with 80 competitors, coming from South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Both of us used our TS Customs guns, Shane has used his for the past several years. I, however, used this gun for the first time at a big match. I shot one club match with it but otherwise have not had much shooting time behind it.

I competed against three ladies and ended up in third place. I was 13 hits away from their score so I did pretty well considering. I also shot better than them on two stages so that is a perk for me. I thought I should have shot better but that is just me being competitive. Shane is the same way but he shot great and finished with a ninth place.

Most competitors are men but the sport is growing for women. The first place lady winner is from Minnesota, and there are more ladies competing there. In fact several of those ladies just went to Italy for Team USA for rimfire shooting.

There are no big competitions coming up for us locally. You never know where we might go next.

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