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Moving up

This past weekend we traveled to Martin, SD to the Lacreek Precision Rifle Match, where Shane is making strides and moving up.

This was a two-day match, the first day we traveled through the Lacreek Refuge to a private field in the sandhills. It was all prone in 12 stages of competition. Day two was all positional stages, meaning you shot off props, in another private field. Which a big thank you goes to the family for allowing all of us to invade for a few days.

The days consisted of two to five targets in each stage. The targets were different from square, circle and a dreaded triangle shape. Your area to hit the target drastically drops when you go for the triangles. It is sometimes difficult also to see where you are missing. So a competitor can re-adjust their line of sight.

One stage was at one range, one target stationary and one target that was moving back and forth. You had to hit the stationary target to proceed to move on to the mover. Sounds easy, right? The range was at 509 yards, and you had to judge your wind. This stage was set up in between hills, so your wind would give you one reading where the competitor stood. However, out in the staged area the wind liked to swirl. You had to figure out windage, when you are down on the gun. It is key to watch your bullet to see where it is missing. Sometimes this is easy, other times very difficult to see.

How does one do all of this? It is not as easy as hunting a big game animal or even a pheasant. Most hunters have been taught throughout their life for a hunting experience. When it comes to precision shooting, you need to understand things you wouldn’t normally think about.

One-the gun itself, what it can handle. Two-the bullets you are using. Most competitors will reload their bullets, knowing the capacity and distance they can handle. Three-equipment usage, from your scope, the bi-pod and the bag you are using for stabilization.

This is just a small part of precision shooting. As we proceed onward in our matches, we will teach and show our world to you.

How about we finish off how Shane finished, which was 31st out of 68 shooters. He finished 23 places higher than his last one. I have no doubt my husband will continue on moving up.

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